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Batley Mills

Alexandra Mill

Alexandra Mills - Batley.jpg

Blakeridge Mill

Blakeridge Mills - Batley(36).JPG

Bottoms Mill

Bottoms Mill - Batley.JPG

Bottoms Old Mill

Bottoms Old Mill - Batley(4).JPG

Bullrush Mill

Bullrush Mills - Batley(2).JPG

Carlinghow Mill

Carlinghow Mills - Batley(28).JPG

Cheapside Mill

Cheapside Mills - Batley.JPG

Docking Mill

Docking Mills - Batley(6).JPG

Brookroyd Mill

Brookroyd Mill - Batley(4).JPG

Greenhill Mill

Greenhill Mill - Batley(6).JPG

Healey Mill

Healey Lane Mills - Batley(6).JPG

Hickwell Mill

Hickwell Mills - Batley.JPG

Jessop's Mill

Jessop's Mill - Batley.JPG

Lady Anne Mill

Lady Anne Mills - Batley.JPG

Lea Mill

Lea Mills - Batley(6).JPG

Livingstone Mill

Livingstone Mills - Batley(7).JPG

New Ings Mill

New Ing Mills - Batley(13).JPG

Park Works

Park Works - Batley(2).JPG

Ridings Mill

Ridings Mill - Batley(2).JPG

Spafield Mill

Spafield Mill - Batley.JPG

Talbot Mill

Talbot Mill - Batley(5).JPG

Union Mill

Union Mills - Batley.JPG

Valley Mill

Valley Mills - Batley.JPG

Victoria Mill

Victoria Mill - Batley(2).jpg

Warwick Mill

Warwick Street Mill - Batley(3).JPG

Wensleydale Mill

Wensleydale Mills - Batley.JPG

Wissler's Mill

Wissler's Mill - Batley.JPG
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