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Bradford BD4 Mills

Albion Mill

Albion (Recta) Mill - Bradford(5).JPG

Albion Works

Albion Works - Bradford(3).JPG

Anchor Shed

Anchor Shed - Bradford.JPG

Carnham Works

Carnham Works - Bradford(2).JPG

Eastwood Mill

Eastwood Mill - Bradford.JPG

Essex Mill

Essex Mill - Bradford(5).JPG

Factory Street Mill

Factory Street Mill - Bradford(3).JPG

Globe Mill

Globe Mill - Bradford(7).JPG

Harold Mills

Harold Mills - Bradford(4).JPG

Junction Mill

Junction Mill - Laisterdyke.JPG

Ladywell Mills

Ladywell Mills - Bradford(10).JPG

Law Street Mill

Law Street Mill - Bradford(3).JPG

Moorside Mill

Moorside Mill - Bradford(2).JPG

New Lane Mills

New Lane Mills - Laisterdyke.jpg

Perseverance Mill

Perseverence Mill - Bradford(5).JPG

Prospect Mills

Prospect Mills - Bradford(5).JPG

Recta Mill

Recta Mill - Bradford(11).JPG

Stanley Mill

Stanley Mills - Bradford(4).JPG

Tyersal Works

Tyersal Works - Bradford(2).JPG

Victoria Mill

Victoria Mills - Bradford(2).JPG

Vulcan Mill

Vulcan Mill - Bradford(5).JPG
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