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Delph Mills

Bailey Mill

Bailey Mill - Delph(18).JPG

Croft Mill

Croft Mill - Delph.JPG

Eagle Mill

Eagle Mill - Delph(3).JPG

Gatehead Mill

Gatehead Mill - Delph(5).JPG

Knarr Mill

Knarr Mill - Delph(14).JPG

Lumb Mill

Lumb Mill - Delph(7).JPG

Oakdale Mill

Culvert Mill - Darwen(3).JPG

Pingle Mill

Pingle Mill - Delph.JPG

Shore Mill

Shore Mill - Delph(5).JPG

Slackcote Mill

Slackcote Mill - Slackcote(10).JPG

Valley Mills

Valley Mills - Delph(3).JPG
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