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Dundee DD3 Mills

Angus Works

Angus Works - Dundee(2).JPG

Balgay Works

Balgray Works - Dundee(5).JPG

Bowbridge Works

Bowbridge Works - Dundee(4).JPG

Caldrum Works

Caldrum Works - Dundee(7).JPG

Dura Works

Dura Works - Dundee(5).JPG

Hillbank Mill

Hillbank Mill - Dundee(2).JPG

Lawside  Dye Works

Lawside Dye Works Dundee(7).JPG

Lawside  Spinning Mill

Lawside Spinning Mill - Dundee(7).JPG

Manhattan Works

Pitalpin Works (site of) - Dundee(2).JPG

Old Gramis Works

Old Glamis Factory - Dundee(2).JPG

Rashiewell Works

Rashiewell Works - Dundee.JPG
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