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Cotton Mills in Greater Manchester


ISBN & other info

Mike Williams with D.A. Farnie

0-948789-89-1 Carnegie Publishing Ltd.

The Spirit of Leek : 3   The Textile Mills

Cathryn Walton & Lindsay Porter

1-84306-031-0 Landmark Publishing Ltd.

The Horrockses - Cotton Kings of Preston

Margaret Burscough

1-85936-104-8 Carnegie Publishing

Jute and Flax Mills in Dundee

Mark Watson

0-907033-51-2 Hutton Press Ltd.

Cotton Mills of Preston - The Power Behind the Thread

T.C. Dickenson

1-85936-096-3 Carnegie Publishing

Wool and Water - The Gloucestershire Woollen Industry and Its Mills

Jennifer Tann

Yorkshire Dales Textile Mills

George Ingle

Yorkshire Cotton

George Ingle

1-85936-028-9 Carnegie Publishing

Woollen Mills of Wales

Elizabeth West

0-86005-016-5 Celtic Educational Ltd.

Wool and Worsit  A History of the Textiles in the Holme Valley

Michael Day

978-0-9576306-0-4 Laverock Publishing

Huddersfield Mills - A Textile Heritage

Vivien Teasdale

1-903425-77-8 Wharncliffe Books

Burnley Cotton Mills

Jack Nadin

Stott and Sons - Architects of the Lancashire Cotton Mill

Roger N. Holden

1-85936-047-5 Carnegie Publishing

'Bobbins'  A Short History of the Textile Industry in Rochdale

G.T. Whitworth


The Textile Industry of South West England  -  A Social Archaeology

Marilyn Palmer & Peter Neaverson

0-7524-3133-1 Tempus Publishing Ltd.

The Textile Mill Engine

George Watkins

1-901522-43-1 Landmark Publishing Ltd.
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