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Golcar Mills

Albion Mills

Albion (Brook Lane) Mill - Golcar(2).JPG


Factory-Clay Well - Golcar(4).JPG

Golcar Old Loomshop

Golcar Old Loomshop - Golcar(2).JPG

Heath House Mill

Heath House Mill - Golcar(12).JPG

Holme Mills

Holme Mills - Golcar(2).JPG

Moorland Mills

Moorland Mill - Golcar(3).JPG

Ramsden Mills

Ramsden Mills - Golcar.JPG

Scarbottom Mills

Scarbottom Mills - Golcar(4).JPG

Spring Rock

Spring Rock - Golcar(7).JPG

Stanley Mill

Stanley Mill - Golcar(5).JPG

Victoria Mill

Victoria Mill - Golcar(2).JPG
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