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Halifax Mills - HX1

Akroyd Mill

Akroyd Mill - Halifax.JPG

Battison Road Mills

Battison Road Mills - Halifax(9).JPG

Berwick Mill

Berwick Mill - Halifax(2).JPG

Brunswick Mills

Brunswick Mills - Halifax(5).JPG

Carlton Mill

Carlton Mill - Halifax.JPG

Clarence Mills

Clarence Mills - Halifax.JPG

Craven Edge Mill

Craven Edge Mill - Halifax(6).JPG

Dunkirk Mill

Dunkirk Mills - Halifax(6).JPG

Jubilee Mill

Jubilee Mill - Halifax.JPG

Martins Mill

Martins Mill - Halifax(9).JPG

Miall Street Mill

Miall Street Mills - Halifax(3).JPG

Queens Road Mill

Queens Road Mill - Halifax.JPG

Ryburne Mills

Ryburne Mill - Halifax(5).JPG

Savile Mill

Savile Mills - Halifax.JPG

Springhall Mills

Springhall Mill - Halifax(2).JPG

Stone Dam Mills

Stone Dam Mills - Halifax(6).JPG

West Grove Mill

West Grove Mill - Halifax(6).JPG
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