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Hawick Mills

Annfield Mills

Annfield Mills - Hawick.JPG

Buccleuch Mill

Buccleuch Mill - Hawick(3).JPG

Denholm Mill

Denholm Mill - Denholm(2).JPG

Eastfield Mills

Eastfield Mills - Hawick(2).JPG

Glebe Mills

Glebe Mills - Hawick(16).JPG

John Laing's Factory

John Laing's Factory - Hawick(3).JPG

Lovat Mill

Lovat Mill - Hawick(2).JPG

Lyle & Scott's

Hosiery Mill

Lyle & Scott Hosiery Mill - Hawick(8).JP

Mansfield Mills

Mansfield Mills - Hawick(6).JPG

Peter Scott's Mill

Peter Scott Knitwear - Hawick(4).JPG

Riversdale Mill

Riversdale Mill - Hawick(6).JPG

Teviot Mills

Teviot Mills - Hawick.JPG

Teviotdale Mills

Teviotdale Mills - Hawick(6).JPG

The Glenmark Works

The Glenmark Works - Hawick(2).JPG

The Scottish

The Scottish Woollen Mill - Hawick.JPG

Woollen Mill

Tower Mill

Tower Mill - Hawick(3).JPG

Trinity Mills

Trinity Mills - Hawick(3).JPG

Trow Mill

Trow Mill - Hawick(2).JPG

Turnbull's Dyeworks

Turnbulls Dyeworks - Hawick.JPG

Weensland Mill

Weensland Mill - Hawick.JPG

Westside Mill

Westside Mill - Denholm.JPG

William Beck's

William Beck's Stocking Shop - Hawick(4)

Stocking Shop


Westfield Works

William Lockie Factory - Hawick(3).JPG

Wilton Mills

Wilton Mills - Hawick(5).JPG

Wilton Path Mill

Wilton Path Mill - Hawick.JPG
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