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Huddersfield Mills - HD3

Acres Mill

Acre Mills - Huddersfield.JPG

Bridge Croft Mills

Bridge Croft Mills - Milnsbridge(5).JPG

Britannia Mill

Britannia Mill - Milnsbridge(10).JPG

Burdett Mill

Burdett Mill - Milnsbridge(4).JPG

Cliff End Mills

Cliff End Mills - Milnsbridge(2).jpg

Clough Mill

Clough Mills - Huddersfield(6).JPG

 Commercial Mill

Commercial Mill - Milnsbridge(5).JPG

Dale Street Mills

Dale Street Mills - Huddersfield(7).JPG

Luxonic Factory

Luxonic Factory - Marsh - Huddersfield(6

Marsh Mills

Marsh Mills - Huddersfield.JPG

Oakes Mills West

Oakes Mills - Huddersfield(2).JPG

Parkwood Mills

Parkwood Mills - Huddersfield(21).JPG

Springfield Mills

Springfield Mills - Huddersfield(4).JPG

Spring Garden Mills

Spring Garden Mill - Milnsbridge(3).JPG

Spring Mills

Spring Mills - Milnsbridge(2).JPG

Stafford Mills

Stafford Mills - Milnsbridge(2).JPG

Stonefield Mills

Stonefield Mill - Milnsbridge(2).JPG

Union Mills

Union Mills - Milnsbridge(6).JPG

Union Mills Sheds

Union Mills Sheds - Milnsbridge(4) (1).J

Wellington Mills

Wellington Mills - Huddersfield(12).JPG

Woodland Mill

Woodland Mills - Huddersfield(6).JPG
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