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Kidderminster Mills

Castle Mill

Castle Mills - Kidderminster.JPG

Castle Road Factory

Brinton's Castle Road Factory - Kidderminster(5).JPG

Castle Works

Castle Works - Kidderminster(2).JPG

Chlidema Works

Chlidema Works - Kidderminster(3).JPG

Foley Park Factory

Foley Park Factory - Kidderminster(2).JPG

Frank Stone's

Frank Stone - Kidderminster(7).JPG


Lupin Works

Lupin Works - Kidderminster(5).JPG

Morton & Son

Morton & Son Carpet Mills - Kidderminster(20).JPG

Carpet Mill

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant Factory - Kidderminster(3).JPG


Newroad Carpet Mills

Newroad Carpet Mills - Kidderminster(7).JPG

Park Wharf Mills

Park Wharf Mills - Kidderminster(5).JPG

Pike Mills

Pike Mills - Kidderminster(3).JPG

Puxton Mill

Puxton Mill - Kidderminster(4).JPG

Rock Works

Rock Works - Kidderminster(2).JPG

Slingfield Mill

Slingfield Mill - Kidderminster(5).JPG

Stour Vale Mill

Stour Vale Mill - Kidderminster(3).JPG

The Piano Building

The Piano Building - Kidderminster(3).JPG

Townsend Works

Townsend Works - Kidderminster(2).JPG

Victoria Carpet Works 

Victoria Carpet Works - Kidderminster(2).JPG

Bombazine Cottages

Weaver's Cottage - Horsefair - Kidderminster(2).JPG

Worcester Cross


Worcester Cross Factory - Kidderminster(3).JPG

Worcester Road


Brinton's Worcester Road - Kidderminster.JPG

Brinton's HQ

Brinton's HQ - Kidderminster(5).JPG
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