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Leeds (West) Mills

Armley Mills

Armley Mills - Leeds(39).JPG

Bridge Mill

Bridge Mill - Leeds.JPG

Broad Lane Mills

Brarnley Mill - Stanningley.JPG

Broom Mills

Broom Mill - Greengates(7).JPG

Cape Mills

Cape Mills - Farsley(3).JPG

Elmfield Mill

Town End Mill - Bramley(2).jpg

Holly Bank Mills

Holly Park Mill - Calverley(11).JPG

Junction Mills

Junction Mills - Wortley.JPG

Prospect Works

Prospect Works - Leeds(2).JPG

Ravenscliffe Mill

Ravenscliffe Mill - Calverley(13).JPG

Ross Mill

Ross Mill - Rodley.JPG

Shaw Mills

Shaw Mill - Armley(3).JPG

Spence Mill

Spence Mill - Bramley.(2).jpg

Springfield Mills

Springfield Mills - Farsley(12).JPG

St. Anne's Mill

St Anne's Mill - Kirkstall(2).jpg

St. Catherine's Mill

St Catherine's Mill - Farnley.jpg

Stone Bridge Mills

Stone Bridge Mills - Wortley.JPG

Sunnybank Mills

Sunny Bank Mills - Farsley(10).JPG

Swallow Hill Mill

Swallow Hill Mill - Wortley.JPG

Swinnow Grange Mill

Swinnow Grange Mill - Bramley(4).jpg

Westfield Mill

Westfield Mill - Armley(4).JPG


Westfield Mill


Westfield Mill - Bramley(7).JPG

Whingate Mill

Whingate Mills - Wortley(3).JPG

Winker Green Mills

Winker Green Mills - Armley(2).JPG
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