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Long Eaton Mills

Alexandra Mill

Alexandra Mills - Long Eaton(3).JPG

Bridge Mills

Bridge Mills - Long Eaton(8).JPG

Britannia Mills

Britannia Mills (remains of) - Long Eaton.JPG

Canal Street Mill

Canal Street Mill - Long Eaton.JPG

Cavendish Mills

Cavendish Mills (remains of) - Long Eaton(3).JPG

Dockholm Mills

Dockholme Mills - Long Eaton.JPG

Erewash Mills

Erewash Mills - Long Eaton.JPG

Goodwin Mills

Goodwin Mills - Long Eaton.JPG

Harrington Mills

Harrington Mill - Long Eaton.JPG

Highfield Mills

Highfield Mills - Long Eaton.JPG

Lace Workshop

The Old Mill - New Tythe Street - Long Eaton.JPG

New Tythe Street Mills

New Tythe Street Mills - Long Eaton(2).JPG

Oaklea Mill

Oaklea Mill - Long Eaton(2).JPG

Pheonix Mills

Pheonix Mill - Long Eaton(3).JPG

Springfield Mills

Springfield Mill - Sandiacre(2).JPG

Stanhope Mills

Stanhope Mill - Long Eaton(5).JPG

Victoria Mills

Victoria Mill - Long Eaton.JPG

Wellington Mills

Wellington Mills - Long Eaton(7).JPG

West End Mills

West End Mill - Long Eaton(7).JPG

Willatts Lace Factory

Regent Mill - Long Eaton(7).JPG
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