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Manchester - Ancoats Mills

Albion Mill

Albion Mill - Ancoats.jpg

Beehive Mill

Beehive Mill - Ancoats(8).jpg

Brownsfield Mill

Brownfield Mill - Ancoats(7).jpg

Crusader Mill

Crusader Mill - Ancoats(4).jpg

McConnel & 

Kennedy's Mills

Royal Mills - Royal & Sedgewick Mills - Ancoats(2).jpg

Murray's Mills

Murrays' Mills - New Mill & Murray Street block - Ancoats.jpg

Pheonix Mill

Pheonix Mill - Ancoats(2).jpg

Stubb's Mill

Stubbs Mill - Ancoats(2).jpg

Vulcan Mill

Vulcan Mill - Ancoats(4).jpg

Waulk Mill

Waulk Mill - Ancoats(6).jpg

Wellington Mills

Wellington Mill - Ancoats(4).jpg
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