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Middleton Mills

Brookside Mill

Brookside Mill - Middleton(5).JPG

Heaton Mill

Heaton Mill - Middleton(2).JPG

Lodge Mill

Lodge Mill - Middleton(7).JPG

Rex Mill

Rex Mill - Middleton.jpg

Silk Weaver's Workshop

Silk Workshop - Middleton.JPG

Soudan No.1 Mill

Soudan No1 - Middleton(3).JPG

Soudan No.2 Mill

Soudan No2 - Middleton.JPG

Spring Garden Dyeworks

Spring Vale Dyeworks - Middleton(5).JPG

Townley Mill

Townley Mill - Middleton.JPG

Warwick Mill

Warwick Mill - Middleton(8).JPG

Rose Mill

Rose Mill - Middleton(3).JPG

Times Mill

Times Mill - Middleton(2).JPG
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