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Nelson Mills

Bowling Mill

Bowling Mill - Nelson(3).JPG

Bradley Hall Mill

Bradley Hall Mill - Nelson(5).JPG

Brook Street Mill

Brook Street Mill - Nelson(4).JPG

Brookvale Mill

Brookvale Mill - Nelson(14).JPG

Caldervale Mill

Caldervale Mill - Nelson.JPG

Clover Mill

Clover Mill - Nelson(3).JPG

Dale Mill

Dale Mill - Nelson(4).JPG

Edward Street Mill

Edward Street Mill - Nelson.JPG

Gibson Street Works

Gibson Street Works - Nelson.JPG

Glenfield Mill

Glenfield Mill - Nelson(5).JPG

Hendon Mills

Hendon Mills - Nelson(7).JPG

Higherford Mills

Higherford Mill - Barrowford(8).JPG

Lomeshaye Bridge

Lomeshaye Bridge Mill - Nelson(10).JPG


Lomeshaye Mill

Lomeshaye Mill - Nelson(18).JPG

Lonsdale Mill

Lonsdale Mill - Nelson.JPG

Lower Clough Mill

Lower Clough Mill - Barrowford(5).JPG

Malvern Mill

Malvern Mill - Nelson(13).JPG

Manor Mill

Manor Mill - Nelson(6).JPG

Marsden Mill

Marsden Mill - Nelson(4).JPG

Newfield Works

Newfield Works - Nelson(4).JPG

Oak Bank Mills

Oak Bank Mills - Nelson(9).JPG

Parkfield Mill

Parkfield Mill - Nelson(3).JPG

Pasture Lane Works

Pasture Lane Works - Barrowford.JPG

Scholefield Mill

Scholefield Mill - Nelson.JPG

Spring Bank Mill

Spring Bank Mill - Nelson.JPG

Throstle Nest Mill

Throstle Nest Mill - Nelson(4).JPG

Vale Street Mill

Vale Street Mill - Nelson(12).JPG

Valley Mills No.3

Valley Mills - Nelson.JPG

Waides House Mill

Waides House Mill - Nelson.JPG

Whitefield Mill

Whitefield Mill - Nelson(2).JPG
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