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New Mills Mills

Albion Mill

Albion Mill - New Mills(5).JPG

Bate Mill

Bate Mill - Thornsett(4).JPG

Birchvale Printworks

Birchvale Printworks - New Mills(3) (1).jpg

Brunswick Mill

Brunswick Mill - New Mills(2).JPG

Campbells Mill

Campbells Mill - New Mills(3).JPG

Hyde Bank Mill

Hyde Bank Mill - New Mills(5).JPG

J Hawthorn Millwrights

J Hawthorn Millwrights - New Mills.JPG

Lees Mill

Lees Mill - New Mills(2).JPG

Redmoor Mill

Redmoor Mill - New Mills.JPG

Rock Mill

rock mill - new mills(4).jpg

Salem Mill

Salem Mill - New Mills(2) (1).jpg

Torr Mill

Torr Mill - New Mills(3).JPG

Torr Vale Mill

Torr Vale Mill - New Mills(23).JPG

Victoria Mill

Victoria Mill - New Mills.JPG

Watford Bridge Printworks

Watford Bridge Printworks - New Mills(15).JPG

Woodside Works

Woodside Works - New Mills(3).JPG
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