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Oldham - Hathershaw

Belgrave No.1 Mill

Belgrave No.1 Mill - Hathershaw(3).JPG

Belgrave No.3 Mill

Belgrave No.3 Mill - Hathershaw(4).JPG

Belgrave No.4 Mill

Belgrave No.4 Mill - Hathershaw(3).JPG

Bell Mill

Bell Mill - Hathershaw(9).JPG

Borough Mill

Borough Mill - Hathershaw.JPG

Earl Mill

Earl Mill - Oldham(6).JPG

Marple No.1 Mill

Maple No.1 Mill - Hathershaw.JPG

Marple No.2 Mill

Maple No.2 Mill - Hathershaw.JPG

Marsland No.1 Mill

Marsland No.1 Mill - Oldham.jpg

Marsland No.2 Mill

Marsland No.2 Mill - Oldham.jpg
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