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Oldham - Royton Mills

Bee Mill

Bee Mill - Royton.JPG

Delta Mill

Delta Mill - Royton(2).JPG

Diamond Rope Works

Diamond Rope Works - Shaw(3).jpg

Elk Mill

Elk Mill - Royton(2).JPG

Fir Mill

Fir Mill - Royton(4).JPG

Grape Mill

Grape Mill - Royton(2).JPG

Holden Fold Mill

Holden Fold Mill - Royton(3).JPG

Lane End Mill

Lane End Mill - Royton(2).JPG

Lion Mill

Lion Mill - Royton(3).JPG

Monarch Mill

Monarch Mill - Royton(2).JPG

Park & Sandy No.2 Mill

Park and Sandy No.2 Mill - Royton(3).JPG

Park No.1 Mill

Park Mill - Oldham.JPG

Park No.2 Mill

Park No.2 Mill - Royton.JPG

Roy Mill

Roy Mill - Royton (2).jpg

Royton Ring Mill

Royton Ring Mill - Royton.JPG

Thornham No.2 Mill

Thornham Mill - Royton.JPG

Vine Mill

Vine Mill - Royton(8).JPG
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