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Ramsbottom Mills

Britannia Works

Britannia Works - Ramsbottom.JPG

Brooksbottom Mill

Brooksbottom Mill - Summerseat(2).JPG

Chatterton Mill

Chatterton Mill - Ramsbottom.JPG

Cobden Mill

Cobden Mill - Ramsbottom(12).JPG

Croft End Works

Croft End Works - Ramsbottom(2).JPG

Field Mill

Field Mill - Ramsbottom(5).JPG

Garden Mill

Garden Mill - Ramsbottom(4).JPG

Hazlehurst Engraving


Hazelhurst Engraving Mill - Ramsbottom(2).JPG

Holcombe Mill

Holcombe Mill - Ramsbottom.JPG

Holme Mill

Holme Mill - Ramsbottom.JPG

Irwell Bridge Mill

Irwell Bridge Mill - Ramsbottom(4).JPG

Irwell Mill

Irwell Mill - Ramsbottom(2).JPG

Rosebank Mill

Rosebank Mill - Ramsbottom(9).JPG

Stubbins Lane Mill

Stubbins Lane Mill - Ramsbottom(2).JPG

Stubbins Mill

Stubbins Mill - Ramsbottom(4).JPG

Stubbins Vale Mills

Stubbins Vale Mills - Ramsbottom(11).JPG
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