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Rawtenstall Mills

Balladen Higher Mill

Balladen Higher Mill - Rawtenstall (2).jpg

Britannia Mill

Britannia Mill - Rawtenstall(11).JPG

Constable Lee Mill

Constable Lee Mill - Rawtenstall(3).JPG

Grange Mill

Grange Mill - Rawtenstall (3).jpg

Hall Carr Mill

Hall Carr Mill - Rawtenstall(4).JPG

Hareholme Old Mill

Hareholme Old Mill - Rawtenstall.jpg

Higher Mill

Higher Mill Rawtenstall.jpg

Holmebank Works

Holmebank Works - Rawtenstall.JPG

Holmes Mill

Holmes Mill - Woodcroft (4).jpg

Holmes Shed

Holmes Shed - Rawtenstall 1953.jpg

Ilex Mill

Ilex Mill - Rawtenstall(4).JPG

Kippax Mill

Kippax Mill - Rawtenstall(3).JPG

Laund Mill

Laund Mill - Rawtenstall(4).JPG

Leebrook Mill

Leebrook Mill - Rawtenstall(6).JPG

Longholme Mill

Longholme Mill - Rawtenstall (5).jpg

Lower Mill

Lower Mill - Rawtenstall (4).jpg

New Hall Hey Mill

New Hall Hey Mill - Rawtenstall.JPG

Platt Mill

Platt Mill - Rawtenstall.JPG

Reedsholme Mill

Reed Holmes Mill - Rawtenstall.JPG

Union Mill

Union Mill - Rawtenstall(2).JPG

Victoria Works

Victoria Works - Rawtenstall 1973(2).jpg

Weaver's Cottage

Weaver's Cottage - Rawtenstall.JPG
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