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Rochdale Mills - OL16

Albert Mill

Albert Mill - Rochdale(3).JPG

Barchant Mill

Barchant Mill - Rochdale(2).JPG

Belfield Mill

Belfield Mill - Rochdale(4).JPG

Crossfield Mill

Crossfield Mill - Rochdale(6).JPG

Howard Mill

Howard Mill - Rochdale.JPG

Lily Street Mills

Lily Street Mills - Milnrow(2).JPG

Mornside Mill

Morningside Mill - Rochdale.JPG

Moss Mill

Moss Mill - Rochdale.JPG

Rochdale Spinning Co. Mill

Rochdale Spinning Co Mill - Rochdale.jpg

State Mill

State Mill - Rochdale.JPG

Unique Mill

Unique Mill - Rochdale.JPG

Vale Mills

Vale Mills - Rochdale(2).JPG

Vulcan Works

Vulcan Works - Rochdale(2).JPG
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