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Stroud GL5 Mills

Bourne Bridge Mill

Bourne Bridge Mill - Brimscombe.JPG

Bourne Mills

Bourne Mills - Brimscombe(7).JPG

Churches Mill

Churches Mill - Woodchester(6).JPG

Dudbridge Mill

Dudbridge Works - Dudbridge(23).JPG

Dunkirk Mills

Dunkirk Mills - Nailsworth(2).JPG

Ebley Mill

Ebley Mill - Ebley(6).JPG

Ebley Wharf Mill

Ebley Wharf Mill - Ebley(3).JPG

Frogmarsh Mill

Frogmarsh Mills - Woodchester(2).JPG

Fromehall Mill

Fromehall Mill - Stroud(5).JPG

Griffin Mill

Griffin Mill - Thrupp(6).JPG

Grove Villas Dyehouse

Grove Villas Dyehouse - Woodchester(2).JPG

Gussage Mills

Gussage Mill - Brimscombe.JPG

Ham Mill

Ham Mill - Thrupp(6).JPG

Hill Paul Building

Hill Paul Building - Stroud(10).JPG

Hope Mill

Hope Mill - Brimscombe(7).JPG

Lewiston Mill

Lewiston Mill - Brimscombe(3).JPG

Lightpill Mill

Lightpill Mill - Dudbridge(11).JPG

Lodgemore Mills

Lodgemore Mill - Stroud(8).JPG

Merrett's Mill

Merritt's Mills - Woodchester(8).JPG

Oil Mill

Oil Mill - Ebley(3).JPG

Philpott's Mill

Philpott's Mill - Woodchester(2).JPG

Piccadilly Mill

Piccadilly Mill - Stroud(5).JPG

Rooksmoor Mills

Rooksmoor Mills - Woodchester.JPG

Southfield Mill

Southfield Mill - Woodchester(2).JPG

Stafford Mill

Stafford Mill - Thrupp(10).JPG

Toadsmoor Mill

Toadsmoor Mill - Brimscombe(5).JPG
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