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Stroud GL6 Mills

Baker's Mill

Baker's Mill - Frampton Mansell.JPG

Belvedere Mill

Belvedere Mill - Chalford(11).JPG

Bliss Mill

Bliss Mill - Chalford(3).JPG

Clayfield's Mill

Clayfield's Mill - Chalford.JPG

Day's Mill

Day's Mill - Nailsworth(2).JPG

Gigg Mill

Gigg Mill - Nailsworth(3).JPG

Halliday's Mill

Halliday's Mill - Chalford.JPG

Hazel Mill

Hazel Mill - Slad(3).JPG

Horsley Mill

Horsley Mill - Horsley.JPG

Lock's Mill

Lock's Mill - Nailsworth(6).JPG

Longford's Mills

Longford's Mill - Nailsworth(12).JPG

Lower Nailsworth Mill

Lower Nailsworth Mill - Nailsworth(8).JPG

Nailsworth Mill

Nailsworth Mill - Nailsworth(2).JPG

New Mill

New Mill - Chalford(4).JPG

Price's Mill

Price's Mill - Nailsworth(4).JPG

Ruskin Mill

Ruskin's Mill - Nailsworth(9).JPG

St. Mary's Mill

St. Mary's Mill - Chalford(3).JPG

Spring Mill

Spring Mill - Nailsworth(14).JPG

Steanbridge Mill

Steanbridge Mill - Slad(2).JPG

Warehouse Mill

Warehouse Mill - Chalford(4).JPG
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